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· If Harrison Ford can avoid breaking a hip, we might yet get to see him play Indy one more time: "Yeah, sometimes I find myself getting into stunt pads and preparing to roll down a flight of stairs and wrestle some 26-year-old stunt man across the floor and think, 'What the [bleep] am I doing?' But, you know, it feels so good to do it, so I'll only stop when it really hurts."
· If this report about Britney Spears wanting to have another baby to strengthen her marriage is true (and that's a pretty big "if"), then we clearly haven't given her enough credit for knowing what she's doing with her life.
· Yes, now that you bring it up, we have been curious about what's been going on with Fred Savage's acting career!
· As it turns out, maybe Nellie McKay wasn't just screwing around when she went off on Sony a month ago.
· We had no idea that there were still any Planet Hollywoods, anywhere, but apparently the one in Toronto is shutting down for good.