Gridlock 2006: The Aftermath

Not even the will of a party promoter desperate to make sure that paying customers could ring in the New Year in suitably starfucking fashion on the Paramount Lot is a match for Mother Nature, who obviously decided she's not as big a Jessica Alba fan as she once thought. The organizers of the aborted Gridlock 2006 New Year's Eve throwdown have circulated pictures of the damage to their stage and an apology to disappointed patrons (excerpted below):

Hardball Productions would like to apologize for any inconveniences that you may have incurred as a result of the cancellation of our New Years Eve event that was to be held at Paramount Pictures. We were cancelled by the Fire Marshall due not only to the inclement weather, but severe damage to our stages and lighting, including the roof collapsing down onto the stage itself!! We obviously do not want anyone getting electrocuted at our event, and the event was cancelled in the best interest of the people who were to be attending. As you can see by the damage to our stages in the pictures below, this was not a safe environment for anyone!!!

Looking at these chilling images of the weather-induced carnage, we shudder to think about what might have happened should the event have continued. Suffice it to say that the being showered in the charred, still-sizzling remains of assorted electrocuted Pussycat Dolls while the backing vocal tracks to "Don't Cha" mercilessly played on would destroy any buzz that being at the same party as Val Kilmer and Erik Palladino could generate.

Another picture of the wrecked stage is after the jump:


Gridlock 2006: The Aftermath