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Last night, the Los Angeles Times' Oscar Beat blog (part of its Academy Awards OCD project, The Envelope) broke that Daily Show host Jon Stewart will host this year's Oscars. Um, yay? Were you actually planning on watching? Or at least staying awake and pretending to watch while you work on your knitting? And, if not, does the presence of Stewart actually change your position on the whole matter? Doubtful. If last year's host Chris Rock couldn't raise an eyebrow after the first 10 minutes, we doubt poor Stewart will be able to support your heavy eyelids.

We may be too late, but: Don't do it, Jon. Do NOT go to Los Angeles, not even for one fancy night. Nothing good happens when you go west of the Mississippi. The Oscars might be a big deal, but movies are not your friends, Jon, and you can't just go to go back to Hollywood and act like The Faculty never happened.

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