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· Whether or not this is a picture of Britney Spears is rather unimportant. If we believe it to be Britney, then it is Britney, in all her incognito. Sidekicking glory.
· Thanks to the LA CityBeat for reminding us that the NY Times bought Gawker Media (our "company," if you've been asleep for the past 18 months) for $32 million. (Maybe they picked up this story, explained here and made brilliant here?) Still waiting for those benefits to kick in. [via Fishbowl LA]
· We had no idea what a "Yindie" was until we read this LA Weekly list, but here are 10 reasons why the Yindie apocalypse is nigh. Also, if you're really desperate to read another list, your editors contributed one they wrote while drunk.
· Seriously, though: What's up with this whole Walmart website thing with the Planet of the Apes and the Dorothy Dandridge movie and whatnot?
· There are probably many reasons why these three men are laughing, one of which is that each of them is rich enough to buy the moon.