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You know what we hate about magazines? There's no, like, movement — as in, the pictures don't move on the pages. They're all so still, you know? And then there's the audio problem: you can't hear a single thing the magazine is talking about, right? It's just silent! Seriously, we'd love magazines so much more if they weren't so damn static.

But wait: Real Simple has come to the rescue of illiterates everywhere! Today the Time Inc. fluffjob announces that it'll be gracing PBS with a weekly half-hour show (just what PBS needs). Be sure to set the DVR for this one; you'd hate to miss the episode on how your mother can reduce bathroom cabinet clutter.

Full, over-enthusiastic press release after the jump.

To: Time Inc. Staff
From: Kristin van Ogtrop, Robin Domeniconi and Steve Sachs
Date: January 6, 2006
Subject: Real Simple s TV Debut

We re thrilled to announce the premiere of Real Simple on PBS this month. Watch the weekly half-hour show and you ll find the same smart solutions to everyday problems that you ve come to expect from the groundbreaking magazine.

Offering the kind of practical, clear advice and tips that you d learn from a trusted friend, each of the 26 programs features new strategies to make a busy life easier through segments on:

easy-to-make meals
ingenious, foolproof ideas for getting organized
no-nonsense answers to common etiquette challenges
simple ways to entertain (and clean up)

You'll also travel around the country with the show's three hosts - Brooke Alexander, Rob Keefe, and Cydnee Welburn - to meet people with inspiring stories and advice that have improved their lives and that will do the same for yours.

Can t wait to watch? Just click here to see an exclusive preview of Real Simple's new show.

Please visit for more information, including show times in your area.