Steve-O Admits To Pumping Paris Full Of Happy Gas Before Crash

No one knows for certain what went down inside the Bentley before it crashed into a truck that fateful November night outside club Element. For the first time in the lives of its four typically yappy-mouthed, attention whore passengers Paris Hilton, boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, and soon to be fake-engaged lovebirds Kimberly Stewart and Laguna Beach's Talan Torriero in the back seat a widely photographed event starring themselves required no further commentary. But on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, that loveable Liberace of self-mutilation, Steve-O, provided a few choice details. From a Live press release:

Its funny, Steve-O laughed during his appearance on Thursday s episode of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. About a half hour before Paris Hilton had that car crash, I may have given her some mind altering substances. He stated that prior to the accident he met Hilton and Niarchos at a night club and provided them with Nitrous filled balloons. I probably shouldn t say that, the daredevil continued. Whoops!

Nitrous. Laughing gas. Whippits. No matter how you refer to the dizzyingly sweet inhalant, it's an intoxicating high, though preferably not when at the wheel of a $170,000 automobile, as it tends to turn the very solid world around you into one gigantic bouncy castle. God help us all if nitrous oxide is indeed starting to take over as the hot, new Hollywood club drug; if you think the bathrooms are unbearable now, just wait until they are filled knee-deep with collapsed, emaciated blondes, pausing only from their convulsive laughter to take swigs of instant gaseous gratification from the giant, colorful balloons clutched in their fingers.