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A reader writes in to call out a fading actress for playing the "Don't you know who I am?" card too far east for comfort:

I was waiting to eat at my favorite Silver Lake Vietnamese restaurant (Gingergrass) last night when I noticed that Kelly Lynch was in the restaurant and she was talking with the hostess. This restaurant is notorious for its super-long waits, but they are very fair with their first-come-first-serve seating. I decided to go have a listen to what they were talking about to make sure that Ms. Lynch wasn't pulling any shenanigans.

She actually told the hostess: "I'm Kelly Lynch. I'm not used to waiting. This is ridiculous."

The hostess responded by saying: "You are going to have to wait your turn like everyone else."

So props to the hostess for not bending in the face of marginal celebrity, and a big 'booo!' to Kelly Lynch for not leaving her pretensions west of Western where they belong.

Indeed, props to the hostess for at least temporarily popping the starfucking bubble, even in a part of town where they aren't as regularly challenged by waiting-averse celebs. Of course, Lynch hardly provides a sufficient test case for probing the limits of a restaurant's commitment to wait-list egalitarianism; should anyone witness another instance of celebrity smackdown (even Houston's in Century City draws the line somewhere) involving someone a hostess might reasonably be expected to recognize without the conspicuous self-identification of the desperate, let us know, and we'll keep a running tally.

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