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Today's Page Six details some of Jamie Foxx's lovable antics at Teddy's, Amanda Scheer Demme's celeb-fellating watering hole du jour (and we're sure that ASD's publicist had no hand in planting the item whatsoever), where Foxx entertained some buddies by lavishing his generosity on the waitstaff:

EVER-clever Jamie Foxx has a new party trick. The other night at Teddy's in L.A., the Oscar winner was drinking champagne with actors Dylan McDermott and Djimon Hounsou, PM Lounge owner Unik and some others. When the bill came, Unik grabbed it and Foxx said, "Let me get the tip." He reached into his shoulder bag, pulled out some cash and started slowly counting out singles. As his buddies began to giggle, Fox kept reaching and kept counting, finally dumping out 1,000 $1 bills on the table. Foxx got the last laugh - as he did two weeks ago in Las Vegas, when he tossed a huge roll of bills from a nightclub balcony. A small riot broke out but subsided quickly when the money-hungry mob realized they were jousting over $1 bills. Also at Teddy's were Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Slater, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Kirsten Dunst.

We doubt that the group's server complained too much about a $1,000 tip, even one delivered in such deliberately douchebaggish fashion. However, we fear that Foxx will soon become bored by the sight of scores of singles fluttering around as if the g-string of the most popular stripper at Crazy Girls suddenly snapped, and will escalate to the no less hilarious, but hygienically suspect, practice of tipping with hundred dollar bills on which he's urinated while his pals chuckle uncontrollably.