We're on Day 2 of FreyGate (alternately referred to as the Freydom Fight or Born Frey), which brings ruminations from angry fans, day-late mainstream media recaps of the Smoking Gun's revealing report, breaking Wikipedia updates and, of course, lessons from haggypants Michelle Malkin:

Have you read the Smoking Gun's expos
of lying liar James Frey, the drug addict/alcoholic/rage-filled author of the mega-best-selling "non-fiction" memoir "A Million Little Piece?" It's devastating.

Just one more reason to despise the victim lit genre.

Lesson: When it sounds too bad to be true, Oprah, dry your eyes and check the facts.

Wait, there's a "victim lit" genre? We never saw that in our college course catalogues, but we're guessing Malkin's idea of "victim lit" revolves more around My Life and less around dudes like James Frey. And for fuck's sake, can we just leave Oprah out of this? Remember, the book was actually popular before O got all the housewives crying about it.

Oprah's Con Man [Michelle Malkin]