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Yesterday's announcement that yet another high-profile (well, half high profile) Hollywood marriage succumbed to the inevitable relationship-melting pressures of love in the public eye didn't catch Rush & Molloy by surprise, who report that people have been chattering about the couple's demise for some time:

Hollywood insiders have long buzzed that Swank, 31, with her two Oscar wins, has simply gotten too powerful for Lowe, 38, who has been in a handful of B movies since his Emmy win for the 1997 series "Life Goes On," in which he played an AIDS-stricken teenager.

"It's been hard for Chad to live in her shadow," says one source. "He's gotten tired of being Mr. Hilary Swank."

And thus Lowe's camp is the first to make the dignity-saving claim that he might have been the motivating force behind the break-up. Regardless of the actual dumped/dumpee alignment, we imagine that he was indeed pretty tired of enduring a couple of years of getting trussed up in a tuxedo, only to be emasculated by sitting in front of awards night dinner placards identifying him as "Unconfirmed Swank Guest."