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For actors afflicted with the crippling, and relationship-hampering, effects of fame, there exists but one reliable outlet for companionship: the anonymous Craigslist come-on:

famous actor........10,000 interested in meeting a sexy girl between 18 and 28 for an erotic adventure..if interested then e mail me back with a picture and i will explain what this is all about.

We're a little confused about the 10,000, which may or may not be an offer of monetary compensation for the less savory parts of the itinerary of this potential erotic excursion. But we do think we know all too well "what this is all about": The disappointment some poor woman is likely going to feel when she shows up ready for adventure and finds that "famous" on Craigslist probably means a guy with a two-episode stint on One Tree Hill who's too lazy to try and get laid at the Saddle Ranch.