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Gawker, Dec. 2, 2005: "Word on the street is that Mediabistro s new editorial director, replacing budding novelist and former Gawker Elizabeth Spiers, who replaced budding alcoholic and current Gawker Jesse Oxfeld, will likely be none other than — drumroll, please — Dorian Benkoil."

Mediabistro's "Revolving Door" job-change report, last night: " has a new editorial director, Dorian Benkoil. He'll oversee daily operations and strategy for mediabistro's editorial properties. Benkoil was previously a digital media business consultant, the general manager of Fairchild's Internet division, an ABC News Digital managing producer, and a foreign correspondent, editor, and reporter for the AP and Newsweek."

Which we suppose means the clock started yesterday. Last six months in that gig, Dorian — that's till Monday, July 10, and, as we've said before, we can't imagine you'll make it that long — and lunch is on us.

We'll even let you write about who else was in the restaurant.

Dorian Benkoil [MB]
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