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When two incredibly famous, incredibly good-looking movie stars engage in a mutually narcissistic, very-public-but-officially-denied love affair, and those two people have already crisscrossed the globe collecting adorable training-wheel orphans from which to cobble together a beautiful family, it's time for those movie stars to finally round out their brood with the product of their own maddeningly perfect genes. Yes, dear seekers, People now reports (double-sourced though both camps and through an aid worker in Santo Domingo, to boot) what everyone's been whispering about for weeks: that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adding a Caucasian baby to their impossibly photogenic, Benetton-ad-quality clan via the quaint route of Jolie's own uterus. Somehow, though, we can't let ourselves be happy yet; the cutthroat glossies have punched ragged holes in our heart before with their exuberance to break these stories. Still, we're inclined to believe, and we sadly concede our office pool, in which we foolishly wagered that Pitt and Jolie would adopt Bengali and Inuit tykes before succumbing to the urge to go halfsies on their own offspring.