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Rush & Molloy do some explaining about the rapid coming-and-going of, the shady website that popped its head out of its unauthorized celebuporn hole to offer the Colin Farrell-Nicole Narain sex tape, and which may have been quickly hammered down by the Wack-a-Mole mallet of the onscreen couple's lawyers. According to the report, Farrell's camp seems suspicious of Narain, who wants to release the tape, while Narain's people are pissed mostly that they're not getting a cut of the site's sales:

"We're extremely upset," Narain's lawyer Leodis Matthews told us after learning of the existence of the Web "This is a black-market release. Nicole is not getting a dime from this. We're outraged — $14.95 is a ridiculous figure." [...]

Also fuming over are Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt and Internet Commerce Group mogul Sal Abbate, who had plans to market the tape with Narain.

Abbate said the bootleg release spoiled their deal. "We could have gotten as much as $50 for [each copy of] this," he said. Schmidt thinks Farrell could still cover himself in glory by agreeing to an authorized release. "Instead of chasing phantoms we should come together and form a joint venture," he said. "Let's beat these SOBs."

In these confusing times, in which a videotaped moment of passion can be instantly transformed from a playful souvenir of an internationally recognized actor drunkenly porking a mostly anonymous Playmate into a multimillion-dollar business, it's important to hold fast to one's principles. Without those, opportunistic, would-be pornographers looking to cash in on a series of sex acts from three years ago are no better the equally opportunistic internet pornographers without enough sense to properly price their unauthorized product.