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Of course you saw Allen Salkin's Sunday Styles piece about the Lower East Side's answer to Melrose Place, 126 Rivington. And of course you were duly horrified by this monstrosity of an apartment building — New Yorkers are supposed to be quite happy to remain blissfully unaware of our neighbors, thank you very much. And of course you were also just a touch jealous — wouldn't it be nice to live a sitcommy existence, you thought, in which Chandler and Joey from across the hall are always popping by and being amusing?

And so it is because we know you share our carefully calibrated mix of disgust and envy at these people that we must pass along a possibly fabricated but all-too-plausible rumor that will appropriately horrify and intrigue you. According to an emailer:

I'm surprised you guys haven't mentioned that NYT Sunday Styles piece on the depraved, incestuous lifestyle at 126 Rivington. Well now I hear WB is making a reality series about the building and its tennants, and will be paying their rent as well. No, this is not a joke....

I confirmed this with my friend who was at the Stanton Social last night for a bday party and saw the WB folks wining and dining these kids. One of them spilled the beans about WB covering the rent to my friend on the bathroom line.

Fortunately, it'll be on the WB. So you'll never actually watch it.

Love (and Leave) Thy Neighbor [NYT]