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Had you asked us this morning if there was a riff on the Brokeback Mountain poster out there that might still make us laugh, we would have responded in an assuredly confident negative. But then someone had to go and send us Grayskull Mountain, and damn it if we weren't helpless to poor Skeletor Del Mar's disconsolate gaze, or the manboyish allure of the object of his forbidden affections, He-Jack. And while we're feeling all warm and Brokeback fuzzy, why not mention that Gene Shalit has made a heartfelt and apologetic statement regarding his highly criticized review, saying, "In describing the behavior of "Jack" I used words ("sexual predator") that I now discover have angered, agitated, and hurt many people. I did not intend to use a word that many in the gay community consider incendiary." Oh, Bozo the Pringles Guy, you had us at "describing." How could we possibly stay angry with you come back into our tender buns, you silly hairball!