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Not that we didn't believe People and their double-"representative"-and-an-aid-worker sourced story from earlier today, but now that Pitt publicist Cindy Guagenti, whose job it is to creatively distort reality in accordance with her client's wishes, has copped to the knocking-up, we're feeling a little better about things. Strap yourselves in for two trimesters' worth of breathless, wall-to-wall coverage of every aspect of Jolie's pregnancy: two-page-spread analyses of her bump's visible development, stolen sonograms, and expert opinions on how the happy parents might best explain to Maddox and Zahara (and to all the other adoptation-ready infants of the world waiting for their turn at a Hollywood life) that just because Mommy and Daddy are making a baby of their own, they won't love them any less. Oh, the fun we're all going to have!

On second thought, things weren't so bad when the fetus was nothing more than a whisper on the celebrity hairstylist circuit.