Catwoman-Belushi Feud Ends

Perhaps the greatest celebrity neighbor feud of our generation, between an overweight, wisecracking ABC sitcom dad (Jim Belushi, we think), and one of the aging actresses who played Catwoman on the 1960s Batman TV series (Julie Newmar, but again, don't quote us) has finally come to a happy, made-in-Hollywood ending:

Actor JIM BELUSHI has ended his two-year feud with his next door neighbour JULIE NEWMAR by inviting the former BATMAN star to join him on his US TV sitcom.

The pair fell out when Newmar objected to building work Belushi had started on his Hollywood estate. [...]

The couple has since settled the $4 million lawsuit and Newmar will now appear on an upcoming episode of Belushi's hit show ACCORDING TO JIM.

That the two would settle their differences before the coaxed, uproarious laughter of a captive studio audience was as sensible solution as any (and one that we predicted in October). Perhaps this random act of cross-promotional kindness will set the tone for a year of Hollywood bygones. Lindsay, are you listening? You take this SOS pad and you get to work on that bathroom wall. No, "Scarlett is a cu" isn't good enough, keep scrubbing!