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Silly us: When we reported yesterday that Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan had hit the Lower East Side's faux-hip Dark Room, we assumed their night had peaked with Lohan using a Sharpie and a bathroom wall to express her feelings about that "cunt" Scarlett Johansson. We were certain that they went home after that, nice and early, like the responsible ladies we all know them to be.

Instead, after their time spent playing with the hipsters, the ladies hit popular stripper holding cell Scores, where they made frequent trips to the bathroom, and enjoyed vodka shots, did some fully-clothed pole dancing, and caressed one another.

In an email statement, Lohan said, "The tweaked-out, drunken faux-lesbian dancing I performed for Kate Moss was misused and misconstrued, and I m appalled with the way it was done."

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