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For a man who left ABC News in part because, after 40-some years, he didn't want to work quite as hard as management would have insisted in a new contract, Ted Koppel is certainly turning out to be one busy retiree.

First was the announcement last week that he'd be joining the Discovery Channel as its managing editor, bringing a crew of Nightline vets with him to produce a slate of longform, documentary-style program. Now comes the news that he's also joining The New York Times.

He'll have the new title of "contributing columnist," which means he'll contribute to the op-ed page on an occasional basis.

This is, we imagine, good news both for Koppel, who gets a prestigious outlet for his writing, and for readers, who get a new and interesting columnist in the mix — a Jewish guy from suburban Maryland who likes globetrotting, talking with foreign leaders, and reporting on international affairs. Which means it may be bad news for one guy: If we were Tom Friedman, we'd be watching our back.

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