In this edition of Gawker Stalker: Kevin Connolly performs a cheap parlor trick with Jeremy Piven at Suede, La Lohan, La Moss, Nicole Kidman, Katie Couric, Bob Woodruff, Meryl Streep, Elijah Wood, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab, Moby, Sandra Bernhard, Anna Paquin, Mike Myers, Jane Fonda, Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin, Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber, Michael Kors, Malcolm Gladwell, Betsey Johnson, John Lithgow, Ruth Reichl, Tony Danza, BD Wong, Bobby Flay, Andrew Shue, Ice T, Gavin Degraw, and Wayne from the Wonder Years.

I got pick pocketed by Kevin Connolly: Saturday night (1/7) I saw Jeremy Piven and Connolly at Suede. They were sitting at a table next to the dance floor with a small "entourage" no Nicky Hilton though. As the night progressed, I felt someone trying to get by me on the dance floor and Kevin was standing next to me holding the contents of my back pocket (ID, Credit Card, Cash) smiling and said hey you may want to hold onto these I was in shock and could only mutter did you really just pickpocket me? he laughed and walked back to his table. Guess we know what he did prior to HBO.

Yesterday afternoon (1/10) my boyfriend & I were browsing CDs at Tower Records on 4th Street, when I happen to look up and spot him chatting with Lindsay Lohan! A bodyguard/goon was hovering nearby so I observed from a distance. Having just come from a job interview, my boyfriend was looking quite spiffy/respectable in a suit, so I guess that's why the bodyguard let it fly. Later, he told me that they were discussing System of a Down. She said she loved their last album, he recommended their first one to her which she then added to her stack and presumably bought. Everyone in the store was freaking out and there were faces smashed all against the windows outside trying to get a look at La Lohan.

Last night I was leaving my apartment building on 9th Street (between 5th and 6th) in the Village. As I was opening the front door, a small woman was pushing her way in at the same time. I held the door for her as she entered, and she turned to me to say, "Thanks, I've got it". Turned out to be none other than the newly clean [Ed: Har, har.] Kate Moss. Apparently, her booker lives above me. Short, with surprisingly bad skin (!?!), she looked tired. But she was sweet. Unfortunately, the rat-a-tat of her heels on the apartment floor above me went on for hours. Girlfriend needs to take her shoes off next time she visits someone living in a pre-war building.

Saw Nicole Kidman buying a ton of expensive lingerie at Mixona in Soho on 1/9. Maybe getting ready for a honeymoon?

At California Pizza Kitchen at 60th and 3rd (I know it's random) on Friday, 1/6, walk in with a friend to see a gaggle of little girls enjoying a birthday party at a long rectangular table. My friend and I laughed at the parental cojones it must have taken to invite literally 25 10-year-olds to dinner before sending a sympathetic look in the direction of the head of the table. Took a second to recognize that the party-thrower was none other than the matriarch of "America's First Family" herself—Katie Couric. Must have been her daughter's big day. The woman is TINY—couldn't have been taller than like 5'2"—and very trim, and dressed way too nicely for what basically amounts to mall food. Was very courteous to other patrons who recognized her but definitely wanted to remain low-key. Also should be noted that the kids sang the longest rendition of "Happy Birthday" my friend and I had ever heard—it must have had like 5 verses.

This morning (11 Jan) I spied square-jawed WNT anchor Bob Woodruff at the Starbucks on 67th and Columbus. He was latte-ing with a blonde producer type when a touristy couple approached his table all excited. "Hey, Bob Woodward, we watch your show all the time! We're big fans!" Bob replied, "Umm, thanks...but it's actually Woodruff."

Saw Meryl Streep yesterday afternoon (1/10) crossing the street at Columbus Circle, possibly heading for the Time Warner mall? Wearing ordinary jeans, a striped scarf, and glasses, she could not have looked more unassuming. How can she be overrated when she s so clearly one of us?

Saw Elijah Wood on 2nd Avenue and Houston this past Sunday. I first noticed the cute puppies the girl he was with was walking, then he looked up and the blue eyes were in full force. My boyfriend went "Uh, is that..." under his breath and we all had an uncomfortable eye-contact three-way. The future fictional Iggy Pop was (unsuccessfully) rocking denim-on-denim and smoking. I like that in New York, celebrity encounters can be awkward for everyone involved.

I passed Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie at 1:30 on Broadway and 52nd St towards Times Square, walking by himself in a gaggle of female tourists.

Saw Moby last nite 1/9 around 7:30 walking in a hurry down 12th St. and University wearing a black blazer and glasses.

Spotted Sandra Bernhard at Pastis at Noon on Tuesday 1/10. She was dining with a generic blonde stylist type (male) and her hair was in an unfortunate ponytail-with-a pompadour-top style that did not work. She seemed to be pissed off about the service (or something) and carped at the hostess on her way out. Ehh.

Last Sunday (the 5th), I saw Anna Paquin on 12th St. in front of Angelica Kitchen. She was dressed all in black with some sort of big clunky military-type boots on and walking very forcefully, kind of jerky, not the graceful flow you might expect...

Obligatory Mike Myers sighting at Pearl Oyster Bar where he was hitting on a young waitress who resembles his soon-to-be ex-wife. See him all over the Village but this is the first time he's been animated instead of morose. But they all seem to love him there, nothing but nice things to say when I asked about him after he left.

1/11—I just saw Jane Fonda downstairs in the lobby of my office in the Empire State Building. I was standing in line waiting to walk through the metal detector (the punishment we go through for forgetting our pass) and I noticed a woman with her dog was getting berated by one of the security men. He was telling her the dog couldn't walk through with the leash and that she had to go back another way. She was holding up the entire line so I just walked in ahead of her and when i turned back I saw she had walked through the detector with her dog anyway. Her excuse was that it was ok because she was holding her dog, which made no sense to me. Then I noticed, oh snap that's Jane Fonda! But then thought I was mistaken when I realized she was walking with a cane. But then I saw it was like a pimped-out platinum-looking embellished cane. I don't know where she was going cause she was slow and loitering by the elevators, but anywhoo, it was a weird sighting.

Sunday matinee of Sweeney Todd, no-longer-30-somethings Patricia Wettig (gorgeous) and husband Ken Olin (full beard, heavy) with Alias' Ron Rifkin. Another Alias sighting at Balducci's...the extremely handsome Victor Garber being very low key and extremely nice to people. He was tall, dressed in jeans and fleece—an aging Chelsea boy perhaps?

I was having dinner last night, 1/9/06, at Sammy's on 6th Av and 11th at a table by the window (even D-list Chinese restaurants have power tables) when in between gulps of their delicious orange chicken I saw Michael Kors and his Celine assistant, Lance LaPere walking south. I wished I could say they are a couple but sadly, they are not. Michael looked like he has retained a bit of H2O (not that that's a bad thing) and Lance looked hot despite the Grizzly Adams look. What happened to the clean cut Lance of 1992?

I saw a very fro-happy Malcolm Gladwell on the L train Tuesday night at around 8. He was reading the business section of the Times and got off at the Bedford L stop. He looked very shiny and was wearing a brown cord jacket and what looked like orthopedic running shoes. Also saw Vogue's Sally Singer in the lobby of the Chelsea Hotel Thursday night, greeting the receptionist. She looked very casual and kind of messy. Does she live there?

I saw Betsey Johnson on 87th Street between Park and Lex on Wednesday morning. She was walking a little white puffball dog, wearing a faux fur leopard print coat and lots of red lipstick, and looking wacko, as usual.

Last night I went to see "The Little Dog Laughed" at Second Stage. John Lithgow, sporting his distinctive concave smile, sat a few rows behind me with two frumpy-looking, much shorter older women. He s very tall. Also, one of the play's unexpected pleasures—in addition to the rampant celebrity-style fagginess—is that we got a split-second's look at Johnny Galecki's fat, sausage-like uncut cock. It made a few more prominent appearances within his underwear but the real payoff was the full frontal nudity.

On Friday night Gourmet's Ruth Reichl at a table of people (waiter said Sopranos producers) at Landmark, laughing about New York 101 Best Restaurant List. Said it's only goal was to sell magazines by stirring up a little controversy, which it didn't do because no one gives a fuck what NY Mag food writers think. They all hated their meal, too, which made us feel better because we thought it sucked, too.

This morning, like every other morning, I saw Tony Danza perform his daily ritual. While I wait patiently for the M7 (Columbus and 66th) Tony emerges from his building between 8:09-8:11am, jumps up to hang on a piece of scaffolding, stretches waits about 30 seconds and darts across the street between the cars into ABC. I call it my very own Tony Danza Show. Seems very friendly and for a short petite man, he s ripped. If you re not busy, you should come see the show, been playing for 4 months now.

BD Wong at about 3PM (1/11) at Union Square Whole Foods. Was in the salad bar with alarmingly adorable and well-behaved 6-ish year old son. Stood in line with us, sat by us, kid still freakishly but adorably well adjusted. Dun-dun! Then, at Soho House, Bobby Flay (1/12) being a (surprisingly good) pool shark.

Monday, the 7:29pm NJ Transit express train to Trenton. I get on looking for a seat and do a double take when I see Andrew Shue, from Melrose Place. I know he's basically a has been, but all I wanted to do was ask him why the hell he was on this train. As I got off, I walked past and he was stretched out on the seat, fully asleep. He looked surprisingly good, Billy has aged well. I know he's from NJ, but I was still surprised to see him.

Spotted Ice-T this morning shooting an epsiode of one of the ubiquitous Law & Order series on Irving between 17th & 18th.

Saw a very casual looking Gavin Degraw (what else is new) with a young brunette leaving the bar I was at on the corner of Sullivan & Thompson (The Village Lantern) after putting on a little impromptu concert at the bar with his brother and what seemed to be a few band mates.

At party for JC Penney's new surfer line last night, (I know, I know, totally lame, but they did have a sushi chef, masseuses and manicurists, which made it semi worthwhile) I saw Wayne, the older brother from the Wonder Years. He's about 4'11", and he was a total dick. Apparently he's an executive producer now whatever but more importantly, what the hell was he doing at an event for JC Penney's?