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The upcoming Larry Wachowski Rolling Stone expose referenced a few posts ago has been conveniently posted today to their website. The article, not surprisingly, is as utterly bizarre as would befit a tale of a Hollywood wunderkind who decided to have a sex change and form a civil union with his dominatrix. But with virtually every paragraph chock full of quotes from scorned, mangina-having lovers, envious, dishing dominatrixes (and we all know how mean they can be), and anonymous Hollywood insiders weighing in with career advice ("Lose the estrogen, kid."), we must admit, we were left at a bit of loss as to where to begin. How about the Marcus Chong (Tank from The Matrix) SAG arbitration?

That same year, Larry, together with his brother, reluctantly showed up at the Screen Actors Guild building on Wilshire Boulevard to testify at a SAG arbitration hearing. Marcus Chong, whose character of Tank had been written out of the sequels after a bitter dispute over money, claimed he had been unfairly treated during salary negotiations for the Matrix sequels.

For the hearing, Larry dressed entirely in black and was constantly shadowed by a team of four beefy, stone-faced, black-clad bodyguards, because Chong had allegedly made threats against the brothers. "They created their own movie set," one observer recalled, who remembered the arbitrator, an old SAG hand, shaking his head at all the drama.

The Larry Wachowski who appeared that day shocked Chong: a decidedly feminine-looking man, with porcelain skin and rosy cheeks, a far cry from the balding, masculine six-footer from Chicago he'd known on the set in Australia. "His face looked like it was melting," says Chong, "and he had a head of hair like Raquel Welch."

We'll say this for SAG: They can put on one hell of a show. While Writer's Guild arbitrations are often nap-inducing affairs pitting one balding white guy against another over who thought to put Pamela Anderson in a bookstore first, the SAG disputes come off as Wagnerian spectacles of the absurd, with Wachowski's 6-foot hormone-induced bombshell creation the undisputed star of the show.