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While the second-class citizens of the Paramount lot, CBS Corp's Untouchables, are feeling the humiliating squeeze from their New Viacom landlords, at least they still haven't been forced out of their offices. (For now, at least.) But E! has shipped off some of its less-favored Style Network children from their relatively fancy Wilshire Blvd. offices to the cut-rate production fat camp represented by new space in Glendale. Says one of the displaced:

Yup — it's possible. E! is getting even cheaper. Now much of the Style offices are moving to a Hollywood Production Center building down in the conveniently located Glendale. While the majority of the people here are excited that the Glendale Galleria is within walking distance, how the AP's can afford to work here on an intern's salary is beyond me. In short, we're going from $700.00 Aeron chairs (one of the perks why we take less $$ - own offices, TV, cable, easy commute, good parking, short hours, etc..) to $19.99 rental chairs, and rental desks and IBM ThinkPad laptops - who knew they made them after 1993? Not to mention the fact that we are all crammed into offices, no more solo offices except for EP's, no more editors on one floor, and execs on the other - we are in it together just like at camp.

The good news for bussed staff? Snacks in the fridge. (Refilled once a week, with cups for the water cooler! Yay!) The bad news: The new, less desirable ZIP code, sub-zero working conditions, and scarce cable TV connections. A full memo detailing the nuts and bolts of the move follows after the jump:

Sent: Thu 1/12/2006 12:49 PM Subject: General Office Information—Glendale

As you continue to get settled into your new digs, XXXX and I are working very hard to continue to make the new Style office as enjoyable, safe and comfortable as possible. Although we have all endured several major changes since leaving the Wilshire office, please be aware there are many more to come. However, we will be sure every change has as little impact on your daily job duties as possible.

With all that being said, XXXX and I have a few house keeping items we need everyone to adhere to as well as keep in mind.


Part of making your job easier is the conformability of your office and we understand this, however, we need to keep the office as uniform as possible to alleviate over stressing building management AND over stressing the show budgets. Everyone's office/suite will be made as uniform as possible with the basic office needs. Just as facilities had at the Wilshire office, you will be given a telephone, computer, file cabinet or drawer, desk and a chair. Pens, pencils, notebooks, etc will also be available in the field office (Suite 300). Anything beyond these items will not be supplied by the network. You are more than welcome to bring in any extra items you wish for your desk/area. If you are in an office by yourself, you will be allowed one to two guest chairs. EP offices are excluded from the parameters mentioned above.


All office requests MUST go through XXXX. Your requests should be in e-mail form only. If you have an emergency (phone not working or computer is down) please verbally let her know and follow-up with an e-mail, if possible. If she is not available, please see XXXX or myself for your request. XXXX may be e-mailed at XXXX is here to coordinate the entire office. Should you need anything office related please let her know, again, through e-mail. She and the office PA's will consistently check all network printers for paper, ink, etc. Likewise, they will monitor the fax machine located in the main lobby area. Along the same lines, if you would like to use the conference room on the lobby level, this must be booked (just like at the Wilshire office) through XXXX ONLY. Please do not attempt to use the conference room without written permission as your meeting will be interrupted and you'll be thrown out. For billing purposes, this rule must be followed. The building staff has been informed to not accept ANY requests of any kind that do not come from XXXX, XXXX or myself.


New to most of you is the craft service that has been made available in office. This is a privilege, not a right! We will stock the refrigerator, ONCE a week with soda, cheese sticks, candy, cookies, crackers, etc. We will provide the same exact items every week. Once the items run out for the week it will not be restocked until the following Monday. If you would like something special for yourself, please feel free to bring it in, but make sure your name is clearly labeled on it! The refrigerator will be cleaned out once a week to help with old food and unneeded congestion. Also, we will not purchase bottled water as we have a very handy dandy purified water cooler for your convenience (we will even supply cups for you!).


Many of you have inquired about cable in your office. Unfortunately and unlike the Wilshire office, not every desk/office will have this luxury. The cost per line far out weighs the want or need for the connection. Therefore, please do not expect cable to be connected at your desk. Again, EP's are excluded. Currently, the building does not have a cable/satellite provider. They are working on a contract and will let us know the outcome ASAP. In the meantime, if you need a program recorded, please utilize your assistants/PA's to record it from their home.


WOW, can you believe how cold it's been in here!!!!? Don't worry, there IS a reason! As you all know, the edit bays will be located on the south side of the building…in the blazing hot sun. In order for the bays to be well protected as well as to ensure your show content is safe, we MUST bring the temperature WAY DOWN in those rooms. To bring the temperature down, the A/C must be balanced out. Unfortunately, this means turning up the air so it can be worked on. They hope to have everything completed soon, but no date has been given. Please be patient during this FREEZING process.


As all of you know, we've encountered some trying times with our internet connections. Thanks to the AMAZING HANDS of XXXX and the rest of the IT team from E!, we are FINALLY up and running. GLITCHES WILL HAPPEN! When they do, DO NOT CONTACT I.T. AT THE WILSHIRE BUILDING! Please, please call or e-mail XXXX and she will know how to field the problem directly. As much as we ALL love him, XXXX is NOT the IT-help desk. I.T. is NOT supporting our systems here. They were only here to help us get up and running. The ONLY time the IT-Help Desk should be contacted is if you have e-mail account problems. Basically, if you have a computer problem of ANY sort, contact XXXX only.

As of last night, XXXX installed a higher bandwidth for our office. This is only a Band Aid for the bigger issue; getting all 15 to 20 users onto Daisy at one time. We are stil looking into other options and will let you know what we come up with. In the meantime, a few (really, no more than 3) can look at Daisy with out hesitation. You can give it a try, but please know if we have too many people trying to watch a clip at the same time, the connection for the WHOLE floor will slow down TREMENDOUSLY! Please be courteous when looking at clips.

OK, I think that's all for now. Thanks for your help in making this a great experience for everyone.