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· Take Werner Herzog, subtract an 800-lb bear, add a guy in a cheaply made bear, we're not going to try and explain it. Just watch Grizzly Bear Man for yourself.
· "Publicists stroll down the carpet, a TV reporter in a clingy blue-gray gown plops on the curb reading a magazine. Across the street, three protestors wave signs urging Hollywood to repent, 'Heathens beware. Your guilt is real! You are going to go to HELL FIRE.'" Richard Rushfield endures the searing hellflame of the People's Choice Awards for the The Envelope's Kudos Crasher column.
· USA Today launches its O-Factor blog, which is either about the Oscars or about achieving a better understanding of the female orgasm, we're not yet sure which.
· Hey, yo, K-Fed don't carr about wurther or not ya likes him. Word.
· Getting pregnant to take advantage of the carpool lane sounds like a great idea, but doesn't hold up in court.