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It won't be long before it's time to fire up the old birthing jacuzzi: Reports have surfaced that Her Miramax Majesty and celebrated fertility goddess Gwyneth Paltrow is once again with child:

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her musician husband Chris Martin are expecting their second child, celebrity television program The Insider reported on Friday.

The show said Paltrow, who has a daughter with Martin, was at a screening of her movie, "Proof," in Los Angeles on Thursday when actor Lou Diamond Phillips introduced her to the audience as a "pregnant woman" and asked her how far along she was.

Paltrow replied: "Far enough along to feel very cumbersome," according to The Insider.

While the notoriously baby-publicity shy Paltrow put on a brave game face when put on the spot by Phillips, the ensuing confrontation at the valet stand was several degrees less civilized, with a livid Paltrow pinning the actor by his neck, and in a tooth-clenched whisper, threatening, "Yo, Diamond Phillips, howsabouts you keep your eyes on your own uterus and I'll keep my eyes on mine. Capeesh, LaBamba boy?" before a concerned Martin pried the two apart and ushered his fierce, arm swinging mama bear into their waiting limo.