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We received a tip late yesterday about some seemingly inconsequential new Hollywood awards show, the Golden Groundhog Awards. Set for February 2, the Groundhogs are designed, according to the promotional website, to "recognize genuinely outstanding films from the previous year that lacked the distribution and marketing support needed to propel them into the public consciousness." That is to say, they must have grossed less than $1 million worldwide.

For some reason, we didn't find ourselves terribly excited about an awards show featuring entirely films we'd never heard of. But then we read just a touch further into the propaganda, and we discovered a fact that changes everything. William Shatner will be hosting the show.

Sit back and let that sink in. Because William Shatner is the world's greatest awards-show host. Ever. Never mind Carson, forget Hope, feh to Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg or even potentially Jon Stewart. Bill's the best. How do we know this? Easy. The 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards, at which Shatner was both the host and the musical guest, performing a very special, pre-irony version of the Elton John classic "Rocket Man."

Watch the whole thing — it's all great, but the high point comes about three-quarters of the way through. We promise you it's very worth it.

And we'll be heartbroken if Kirk doesn't do "Tiny Dancer" at the Groundhogs.

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