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The single biggest complaint about last night's Golden Globes ceremony seems to revolve around His Dreaminess' jarring absence from the Brokeback lovefest. So let's get your twisted awards seasons priorities straight, Jake: Palm Springs International Film Festival, yes, Golden Globes, no? And don't give us this "I wasn't nominated" crap. Who else could we have counted on to pull a Phillippe if Heath had won? Michelle Williams? She would have trouble tackling a roll of soggy paper towels.

And for those of you who were prepared to give Mr. Gyllenhaal a free pass, assuming he was in some far off Asian locale for the start of principal photography on the thawing sequel to The Day After Tomorrow, an operative sends in this Saturday night sighting of the missing-in-gay-cowboy-action star at a hot new east side hipster hangout:

I was standing outside Silverlake's Cha Cha Lounge Saturday night trying to figure out how in a few short weeks, the place went from the neighborhood "gay cowboy bar" (when it was called Le Bar) to a clusterfuck of mostly straight hipsters, when I spotted Jake Gyllenhaal arriving. Irony aside, we left minutes after for something a little more low key.

Having frequented the locale in both its incarnations, we would concur with our operative's before and after descriptions. We imagine Jake was unaware that only months ago the Cha Cha Lounge was a dive catering to gay Mexican cowboys, though we can't imagine it would have bothered him; if Jake taught us anything this year, it's that amor is a universal force of nature.