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Keith Kelly breaks got some sad news today. It seems that New York's belovedly buzzy Brit about town, Tina Brown, is coming up against the deadline for her $2 million Princess Diana bio — and not a moment too soon, as it's about time someone sheds some light on this under-covered personality. The time has come, finally, for her to really buckle down and get the book done.

What this means — and we really hope you're sitting down — is that, as Kelly reports, Brown is temporarily giving up her Washington Post column while she focuses on the People's Princess. We do, of course, admire Brown's devotion to deadlines, and to Doubleday, to which she's contracted for this book. But we also find it sadly characteristic of the society doyenne that she's choosing the important people — in this case, dead British royalty — over the everyday Joes who have come to depend on her weekly dollop of Postian insight. After all, can we now be expected to go about our lives in these next months, without Tina to read?

Oh yeah: Probably the same way we went about our lives before, when no one bothered to read the column in the first place.

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