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Despite our prayers that all Golden Globes coverage had ceased at the close of business yesterday, more HFPA-related fun was still trickling out from other outlets after we signed off yesterday. Over at The Envelope, Richard "Kudos Crasher" Rushfield filed his man-in-the-ballroom report, capped with this fascinating, claustrophobic exchange between handsy red carpet loose cannon Isaac Mizrahi and bite-sized DreamWorks mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg:

In a packed elevator, Jeffrey Katzenberg is pressed against the back corner. A woman in front shouts, "Jeffrey, I really want you to meet Isaac."

Jeffrey reaches over several heads to shake hands with designer Isaac Mizrahi. "Whacha doing, whacha doing, whacha doing?" Katzenberg asks.

"Oh not much. I've got some projects."

"I'll bet you do."

"What're you doing?" Mizrahi retorts.

"Oh, you know. Riding the Geffen Express. Trying to keep up with it."

"That's a wild ride."

"Just make sure you don't get in front of it," Katzenberg quips.

"Where's the big party tonight?" Mizrahi wants to know.

"In my bed," nods Jeffrey, before stepping off and calling it a night.

As a guest at the ceremony, Katzenberg was almost certainly unaware of Mizrahi's earlier antics, and probably had no idea how dangerously close he'd come to an impromptu, elevator-based session of "Tune In Tokyo," or more chillingly, one of "Hey, Let's Feel How Many Marbles Are In Your Bag." But even those unsavory games seem far preferable to "riding the Geffen Express," especially after hearing Katzenberg's admission that being the caboose is a better option than getting in front of its chugging locomotive.