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Among our many problems in life, two of the biggest are these: We are not very good interviewers, and we are not very good gays. Tonight, it seems, we shall have a chance to work on both problems — and, even better, with drinks!

Out Professionals, apparently "the nation's oldest and largest gay and lesbian business network" (one presumes it was this organizations Los Angeles chapter that coordinated the downfall of Michael Ovitz), tonight hosts "The Art of the Interview" with bicycling Voice gossip Michael Musto and stumbling News gossip Ben Widdicombe.

They'll be speaking at the Gay Center on West 13th Street, and it'll be your chance to learn how to elicit gems like "New Yorkers will probably rejoice that I go there" (as Widdicombe coaxed from a 72-year-old fashion designer for his most recent Gatecrasher column) and "I haven't seen Bareback Mountain" (as Phillip Seymour Hoffman says in this week's La Dolce Musto))).

One tip, tho: You'll want to get there early, as there's a cocktail hour first, from 6:30 to 7:30. It features "beverage bargains," and we're quite sure you'll want to be well lubricated before Widdicombe and Musto start fighting over the last discount Cosmo.

The Art of the Interview [Out Professionals]