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The Drudge Report, your always-on source for breaking news about the Oscar race, screams the above headline touting a supposed sibling psychodrama unfolding at Universal, where a source accuses studio head Stacey Snider of being way more into gay cowboys than Israeli hitmen:

"Stacey and her team believe BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is their winner this year," claims a well-placed insider. "The movie has been spoiled, spoiled and spoiled again, with endless promotion and support. MUNICH, on the other hand, has been horribly neglected. Steven has been thrown in the backseat. It has been painful." [...]

She says she loves all of her children equally, but Stacey [Snider] and her team have given every priority to BROKEBACK," charges the MUNICH source. "Gay romance is easier to sell to the academy than a complex study of an Israeli assassin."

If the sources are accurate, Snider might soon find herself bound, gagged, and thrown in the back seat of a black Mercedes, her bonds loosened only after arriving at a secret location in the Pacific Palisades. There, straining to make out the faces of her Jewish Mafia intimidators through the harsh flashlight beams aimed at her eyes, she'll be made to understand that no matter how many times the Velvet Mob competition threatens to redecorate her house completely in Ikea furnishings, a far more grisly fate awaits if she doesn't start campaigning a little harder for Munich.