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• Katie Couric hires crisis manager Matthew Hiltzik to manage her "charity endeavors." Though this can't possibly have anything to do with Couric's rumored talks with CBS, we're having a hard time imagining what sort of charity work necessitates a crisis flack. [Page Six]
• Is George Clooney possibly banging Teri Hatcher? More importantly, is he feeding her after they finish? [Scoop]
• We can't even feign interest in Ted Kennedy's purported love child. Maybe it's because we can't fathom how the now-grown son — who resembles Kevin Federline — would ever blend in at the family compounds. [R&M]
• Not long after Sean Lennon looked for a date through the romantic artistry of Page Six, Rachel Hunter tells the column that she's looking for a good man. Since when did a gossip column become [Page Six]
• Asbestos at the Waldorf! Quick, protect the salads! [Lowdown]