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One of us has held seven different fulltime media jobs over seven and a half years in New York. So, obviously, we like looking for new jobs — and we're betting you do too. As part of Gawker Media's ongoing effort to ensure you're as unproductive and useless to your employer as possible, we're now very proud to introduce Gawker Jobs.

There are so many jobs out there, so many of them so much better than your current gig, but they're listed in so many different places. That's where Gawker Jobs comes in. Developed in partnership with Indeed, Gawker Jobs scours all the top job boards to deliver an aggregated listing of media jobs available in New York. (Not interested in media jobs? Not interested in New York jobs? You can adjust the search to look for other things elsewhere — but why would you?)

Gawker Jobs lives at Get there, and get searching for something better.

And then don't forget to throw us a bone when you have the big new job. We're always looking for something new, after all.

Gawker Jobs