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Just a day after we fretted out loud about what might become of the non-Justin Timberlake members of 'NSYNC, comes this story that, if temporarily assuaging our fears that they might fall victim to the intoxicating narcotic allure of downtown's heroin alley, in some ways is no less disconcerting:

The former boy band members are developing a new series about their lives for UPN described as a modern-day "Odd Couple," said Dawn Ostroff, the network president, Thursday.

Fatone is Oscar, the slob. Bass is Felix.

Tentatively dubbed, "Out of Sync," and planned for this fall, it's a hybrid of reality and comedy, she said.

"They came to us," she said. "Joey and Lance are such fun, interesting people and they truly are an odd couple even if you sit in a room with them, it's Felix and Oscar in many ways." [...]

'N Sync ruled the music world at the turn of the decade, until Justin Timberlake's departure sent them tumbling into obscurity.

Forgive us if the shard of tooth-loosening turkey jerky that sits where our hearts should be moistens for a moment, but we can't help but feel slightly bad for the boys in light of that last sentence; "tumbling into obscurity" seems rather harsh, Mr. AP reporter, regardless of how true it is! And while we had different ideas of career directions for Fatone, now that we think about it, there could be some promise in this reality show odd coupling after all; who could possibly resist a semi-hetero buddy version of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica?