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We'd like to wish a belated happy birthday to Cosmo EIC Kate White's secret weapon, her daughter Hayley, who celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday. We understand the Super Sweet 16 party is this weekend — don't know the venue, but we're betting on Lexi Lehman's Crush, the go-to opium den for Manhattan's most privileged minors.

We've looked at Hayley's MySpace profile and, aside from lying about her age, she actually seems like a decent kid (or, at least, she's not a member of any groups like "Edward 40-Hands"). We do, however, have one concern, and we're only going to raise this issue only because we care about our youth: the Vera Bradley bag. We mean, the girl's 16, we can overlook the arctic expedition boots. But Vera Bradley? Does her mother know about this?

Hayley [MySpace]
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