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OK, please bear with us for a moment and don't pass judgment on our sanity, but Robin Tunney is either stalking us or has flooded Park City with amazing lookalikes. Since landing in Utah late Thursday night, we've seen the actress at the baggage claim, saw her on the street and then ate lunch at the table next to her on Friday (coincidentally, we swear), attended the party for her movie, Open Window, last night (coincidentally, we double swear!), and then passed by as she ducked into the Hollywood Life House earlier today. Thus after a mere two days and change at the festival, Sundance 2006 has officially become the Festival Of Tunney in our minds. (And this post will probably become Exhibit A in the restraining order filing sure to follow.)

Based on a sample size of about two or three parties spanning one-and-a-third Sundances, the event itself was unremarkable for a small movie premiere afterparty, save for the uneasy feeling arising from our Tunney-related paranoia; maybe it was the booze/altitude combination, but we think we saw her simultaneously getting a drink at the bar and engaged in a conversation on the other side of the room. The soiree's highlights were seeing a guy who we thought played Maude's video artist friend in The Big Lebowski (sadly, it turned out he did not), and this exchange we had with a documentary producer:

Defamer: [equal measures shock and indignation] "You haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet?!"

Producer: "I was away for a month."

Defamer: "In a coma?"

Producer: "No, in Oregon."

It has certainly occurred to us that we are not always sterling party conversationalists, especially after that fifth free bottle of beer.

UPDATE: Movie/party ratio: 0/5