Let's watch some porn. In 4K, "Ultra" HD. Where your eyes can affix to every booty goosebump, every spelunking booger, every little smudge of unmentionable matter at every slope and crack of the human anatomy.

4K porn is coming for you.

Naughty America will start producing 4K videos this year, according to the San Diego-based company's CEO, Andreas Hronopoulos, who addressed reporters last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "Our customers want to get as close to reality as they can get, without reality getting in the way."


Back in October, Gizmodo and others reported lesser-wanked Huccio.com's launch of a 4k content option, for a slight additional charge (TBD) on top of the standard subscription rate. Likewise, Hronopoulos anticipates that his Naughty America network will charge an extra ten dollars per standard monthly subscription ($29.99) for the pleasure of peeping gnarly boob incision scars in gruesome resolution.

Yet in terms of mainstream content, Japan (typical) got a head-start on the U.S. in producing "ultra" HD video content, in a market that's saturated with hip mobile and multimedia tech. Now here in the U.S., Samsung and LG Electronics are banking on the future of UHD among Western consumers. From The Wall Street Journal:

As the two Korean television makers, and a bevy of Chinese and Japanese competitors, geared up to unveil new UHD TVs here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the question was whether there would be enough stuff to watch in the high-resolution format to entice consumers to pony up for an upgraded TV.

Meanwhile, on a skimpier scale, Naughty America will invest a few hundred thousand dollars to update equipment and software for our delight in carnal immersion, fit for our latest model laptops. Never mind that porn is ideally deployed to avoid real sex, which is moist and smelly and gross.