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ABC's Bob Woodruff tours Google HQ in an embarrassingly unedited video. "Does it up your productivity to have all this stuff?" he asks a developer with a "chaos tower" by his desk. "It looks like a mousetrap." We watched the whole seven-minute "hey look cute" trip, or we may have been watching Steve Carell in "The Office." We're not sure.

1:08 — "Now do you need some adult supervision when you work at a company like this?" Respectful, Bob! Way to build rapport with the subject. As the developer explains about workplace freedom, Bob giggles. Oh, what a silly place, thinks Bob. But the seed is planted. "Looks different than my office," says Bob.

2:45 — "Nothing," Bob notes at the Google search globe, "down in Africa. The people at Google say that's one of their greatest points of sadness." We actually saw the "oh shit I'm being insensitive" neurons firing in his brain. "Just not much happening in Africa...move on..." My god, that's too good to be unscripted.

3:20 — "Everything here is free. Free food, free medical care, free haircuts..." He nervously chuckles. "Makes 'em a lot happier."

4:38 — Bob points out the three jokes he can understand on the Google Master Plan.

4:46 — "Here's how they get around. Scooters!" Bob laughs. "I don't know how to ride one of those." Now he's going more for Gob Bluth than Steve Carell. "You expect the guy in the $3000 suit to ride a scooter? Come on!"

5:30 — Bob is hooked on this free food bit. "Why free food?" asks Bob. We mentally slap him upside the head, munch on our $10 sandwich, and keep watching.

6:28 — Bob talks about the porn subpoena.

6:41 — "It's really...quite a" Bob trails off. "I can totally get work here," he thinks. We agree and highly recommend that he quit work as an anchor. Good luck, Bob Woodruff, in your new career as Google cafeteria tray wiper.