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What may at first seem like a staged-for-the-cameras, all-girl, snow bunny Sundance slut-a-thon, is in reality the "wee hours" late-night bidding war for festival favorite Little Miss Sunshine we noted earlier. Pictured are acquisition executives from Focus, Lionsgate, Fox Searchlight, and Miramax (Paramount Classics, who recently saw a sizable percentage of its female staff downsized, was not in attendance). Negotiations were tense, but amicable, with studio representatives using creative strong-arming tactics such as suggestively biting into giant, stemmed strawberries, and pouring oversized bottles of Kettle One down each other's throats. In the end, it was Searchlight in the white bikini who came away with the prize, with the filmmakers particularly impressed with her plans for a robust, double-barreled TV and internet marketing push leading up to its wide release.