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With a lukewarm reception at the box office and snubs in virtually every awards race (it lost in both in its Golden Globe nominated categories best director and best screenplay to Brokeback Mountain) Steven Spielberg's Munich is left to wipe the snot from its once promising nose, wondering when and how it lost its way. Some are blaming its controversial point of view, which seemingly wants to have its Mossad revenge killing cake, and, in depicting Palestinian terrorists in a sympathetic light, eat it too. Screenwriter Tony Kushner took to defending the film in a recent LAT op-ed piece:

The movie is stirring up a lot of controversy, which I anticipated when I agreed to work on it. I even considered it a side benefit that my mishpocheh, my family, an occasionally argumentative bunch, would have fresh subject matter for the discussion part of our next few Seders. Matzo balls might be flung, but arguing is good for the digestion.

While Munich's Oscar shot is looking less and less likely, Kushner can take some solace in knowing he will walk away from this experience with the award for Most Gratuitous Jewish References in a Single Paragraph. We get, it, Kushner. You're down with the Hebe homies.