Russell Brand's revolution may be taking a bit longer to get off the ground than the maverick comedian would like, but that doesn't mean he intends to stop stating his case at every available venue.

Brand spoke recently before a crowd of students at the Cambridge Union, and took the opportunity to reiterate his rallying cry for swift and sudden change.

"They're only in charge of us if we allow it," he told the audience. "Complete noncompliance, complete disobedience, then the alternatives will emerge. We need to create a paradigm that makes the old one obsolete. That's what we have to do."

Per Brand, nothing short of a full blown riot will bring about the sort of real difference that the world truly needs. Anything less will only result in more "drip-fed little measures" from politicians looking to keep their constituents tractable and complacent.


"Oh, well, we've given you recycling bins," Brand said, mocking the lawmakers. "Thanks! The planet's still fucked."

Brand went on to discuss the need to be nice to each other, saying that politics that are about "anything other than 'make sure everyone's getting looked after'" are about "furthering people that are already privileged. That's got to change."

He allowed that most voters are likely aware of the need for change, but noted that the situation was far too gone for simple measures.

His suggestion: Stop voting.

"It's meaningless, it's pointless," Brand said. "It makes no difference. Give us something to vote for, and then we'll vote for it."

The time for being polite is over, Brand told the students.

"There needs to be a defiant stance taken against corporations that, for their own ends, are desecrating our planet," he said. "Now the system in place, the little valves, neat little ejaculations of like apparent power, a little vote — I'm not interested in that. I want fucking bukkake in their faces."

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