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Today's Daily News update on accused sex offender and former Women's Wear Daily staffer Peter Braunstein is a bona fide treasure trove of Crazy. As he puts it, he dressed as a fireman to obtain entry into a former co-worker's apartment for 13 hours of molestation not because he's psycho, but because New York had turned its back on him. You hear that? It's our fault, New York. We're all to blame, from the sleeping MTA worker to Alex Kuczynski.

Some other highlights from Braunstein's newly revealed court documents:

• Seized property from Braunstein included his victim's lavender Gucci fur.
• According to court papers, "Defendant asked if [the victim] has written her book yet, and stated that it is a symbol of a true victim when you get the book rights." (Are you listening, bloggers?)
• Braunstein refers to the knife he used to stab himself in the neck as "a scary knife."
• He says his father is a "media whore," but while on the lam, Braunstein followed his press rather closely.

And our personal favorite:

• Braunstein hated his own wanted poster, noting his photograph "looks like a crazed Mexican."

You have to feel for the guy. There's nothing worse than looking like a crazed Mexican.

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