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7:30 PM on Sunday night (January 22), at the DSW/Filene's Basement building Union Square - we're on the down escalator, a homeless woman whom I first thought was Becky Wreck was on the up escalator. We began to wonder what security would do once she entered either store. The woman was staring at my sister, and then made eye contact with me when I was staring at her trying to figure out who she really was. She was very engrossed in her cell phone conversation and didn't skip a beat on account of us. Upon further staring, we realized it was none other than Natasha Lyonne. She was wearing dark, oversize diesel clothes, a 'do rag, and her face was very pale and full of crackne.

There you have it: Natasha Lyonne is alive — but, if shopping at Filene's is any indication, she's still suffering. While we'll never be sure what happened, we can't help but blame Fake Writer James Frey — you just know he convinced Natasha she could beat her addiction on her own.

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