While you could make an argument that everyone who shops at Urban Outfitters is a pig-fucker, it's pretty rare that you get to see that specific practice played out literally from the purveyors of youth-oriented pants and books about pants and so on. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone fucking an actual pig before in my life, or being fucked by a pig, as the case may be. Certainly not a three-way. Not until today, when I went to Urban Outfitter's website to browse through the books section anyway.

Anyone who's familiar with the work of photographer and writer Paul Kwiatkowski, whose And Every Day Was Overcast is a sordid visual-textual novel about growing up in South Florida – drugs, poverty, violence, sex, pig sex, I guess? – certainly has to have a tolerance for the shocking, but this is probably a little bit edgier than the company is aiming for. They've certainly pulled products for less risqué subject matter in the past, including clothes that made light of mental illness, and socks depicting the Hindu deity Ganesh, after public backlash. (I reached out to Urban Outfitters for comment, but have yet to hear back.)

While there are strong advocacy groups for both the mentally ill and religious concerns, people for the prevention of the fucking of pigs doesn't have much of a strong lobbying presence these days.


I'm in no way suggesting they should pull the book, to be clear. I've been a fan of Kwiatkowski work for a while, and highly recommend people buy the book, perhaps even from pig-fucking enthusiasts Urban Outfitters.

"I think the most interesting ones are where the photographer's presence feels anonymous, like a specter," Kwiatkowski once told Lenscratch. "As a shy kid, I remember using the camera as a buffer to ease myself into social situations." Like a three-way between two women and a pig?


You may recall that during the last presidential election, there were stories circulating about how Urban Outfitters' conservative CEO, Richard Hayne, had donated to numerous right wing candidates in the past, including Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum. Looks like Santorum's warnings that legalizing gay marriage would lead to the mainstreaming of bestiality have finally arrived. At his friend's store.

Luke O'Neil is a freelance writer in Boston. Follow him on Twitter.