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It's not the best of weeks for American Media Inc., the publisher of all your favorite supermarket tabloids and a whole bunch of fitness books you never look at. Head honcho David Pecker told Mediaweek yesterday that the company will reclassify some of its circulation in anticipation of new audit rules, and that change means six of its dozen titles — including Bonnie Fuller's Star — will miss their rate bases, the circulation guaranteed to advertisers.

No mag publisher wants to be in that position. But fortunately AMI has a top-notch PR team to spin through this bad news.

Well, except that top flack Stu Zakim left 10 days ago for Showtime Networks.

And that his No. 2, Amy Galleazzi, is just about to leave for People.

But, hey, we're sure the interns can do good work.

AMI Will Aim for Transparency, Will Miss Rate Bases [Mediaweek]
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