New Fake Trend: Middle Schoolers Snorting Smarties

Now parents have one more (probably fake) young-people trend to worry about: kids these days are apparently crushing up Smarties and snorting them. Surprisingly, there is no high from crushing up colored sugar and sticking it up your nose, but that hasn't stopped middle schoolers across the country from doing it. Allegedly.

One school in Scarborough, Maine, was so concerned about the phenomenon — that, according to their "research," is "the subject of many You-Tube videos" — that they sent out a document to parents titled "Important Health Information for Parents Regarding the Candy, Smarties." Here's what will happen to you if you snort Smarties, according to the document:

Allergic reaction – if the child is allergic to sugar snorting or smoking Smarties can lead to an immediate allergic reaction which untreated may lead to respiratory arrest and death.

Possible Maggots – Dr. Oren Friedman, a Mayo Clinic nose specialist, has cautioned that frequent snorting could even rarely lead to maggots feeding on the sugary dust wedged inside the nose

Precursor to future cigarette smoking and drug use – although there is no addictive piece to Smarties, the concern is this behavior will lead to cigarette smoking or snorting of drugs.

I know that "possible maggots" makes the Smarties-snorting trend sound like it's priority number one, but after reading some troubling related searches to "snorting candy" on Google, I'd like to add a few more targets to the list, namely, Fun Dip ("snorting fun dip bad") and Pixie Sticks ("can snorting pixie sticks kill you"). Here's to the war on snortable candies.


[H/T NewsBreaker Extra, image via Flickr]