A high schoolsenior from Brevard County, Florida, was suspended last week for creating a”campus disturbance.” His crime? Starring in a gay porn video on SeanCody.com [NSFW].

“Noel,” an 18-year-old CocoaHigh School senior, was “severely bullied” by several classmates after wordspread of the video’s existence. Instead of doing something sensible, likepunishing the bullies, administrators decided to suspend Noel for participatingin a completely legal, non-school-related activity. The forced suspension then led to him failing classes, which prevents him from being able to graduate.

A Redditor claimingto be a cousin of Noel’s classmate posted about the story on the r/gaybros subreddit, saying:


Apparently thislast week word got out around the school that he was in gay porn. He gotseverely bullied and, instead of helping him, the school will not let himgraduate due to him causing a “campus disturbance”. They suspendedhim for 10 days, which leads to an automatic FA (failure from absences).

Several studentsplanned to protest by wearing support shirts, making posters, and skipping aclass. The principle is threatening to automatically expel any student whojoins in.

The Gaily Grind wasable to confirm the Redditor’s story after tracking down Noel’s Facebook page.

There’s a somewhat happy beginning-to-the-end of the story: Some students atthe school have started a campaign to protest the administration’s decision,suggesting that at least a portion of the student body at Cocoa Highis less bigoted than the adults tasked with educating them.


[H/T The Daily Dot,screengrab via SeanCody.com]

Sylvie Krekow is a writer in New York.