It’s okay to look at porn, and it’s okay to have a work computer, but you probably shouldn’t combine the two and then lie to police about it.

Brent Sandy, a music professor at the University of Iowa, was charged with making a false report, possession of a controlled substance, and third-degree theft after telling police his school laptop was stolen because he didn’t want anyone to discover that he had downloaded pornographic images onto it.

Instead of cleaning it off of his computer like a normal perv, Sandy panicked and told police it was stolen from his office. The computer’s IP address was quickly traced to his home, where police discovered it along with a small amount of marijuana and a pipe.


Presumably the smut in question wasn’t even that embarrassing/weird/gross, because he hasn’t been charged with anything related to the pornography itself. A lesson to us all: clean up your computers and don’t lie to cops.

[H/T UPI, image via Flickr]


Sylvie Krekow is a writer in New York.