Digg founder Kevin Rose ritually denied the rumor that Yahoo bought his social bookmark venture for $40 million (or was it $30 million?). Let's weigh the possibilities.

Why Yahoo will buy DiggWhy Yahoo won't buy Digg
Kevin Rose denies it.Kevin Rose denies it.
Social bookmarks — so hot right now.Yahoo already has del.icio.us.
There's room for more in Yahoo.Josh Schachter will cut you.
Digg would make a great Yahoo property.Yahoo would make a great Digg property.
Yahoo is the new home of Web 2.0.Unless Susan Decker disagrees.
The blogger who leaked this heard about del.icio.us pre-launch too.No blogger is right twice.
The deal brings in Digg's user base.Who wants a user base of angry teen boys?
Kevin Rose is sexy.Dare I say...too sexy?

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