As an abandoned cruise ship packed to the brim with cannibal rats who are hungry for human blood heads ominously toward land, the viral Internet maintains that these infected vermin are worthy of "squee" and "cute!" For several years, two photographers, who work independently of each other, have been documenting their pet rats in a series featuring the miniature scavengers embracing teddy bears. Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen have cataloged photos of their pets in states of infantile repose, clasping stuffed toys for what looks like dear life. Their eerily translucent feet claw into the fur of the unwitting bears, crushing any hopes of escape. There are books.

For the many, the strong, the wise anti-rat stalwarts, this week, unveiled the handy, easy-to-use Rat Information Portal for locating isolated areas within the city that are home to the most rodents, so you know to never go there. The map—colloquially known as R.I.P.—allows users to search "by address, or by borough, block and lot (BBL)." For those who are still in puerile denial of the evil nature of rodents, who is piping whom here?


[Images via Jessica Florence/Ellen van Deelen]